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Ultra Bernedoodle: Personality And Size In The best guide

Ultra bernedoodle: With designer doodles, breeds are crossbred to create a whole new creature. For those who want to create the ultimate companion, perhaps this fascinating hybrid is worth a try. stands out: the Ultra Bernedoodle. These magnificent dogs possess a mix of the Bernese mountain dog with a poodle, so named. They were larger in size, and even more similar to the Bernese.

This article explores the fascinating world of Ultra. What about Bernedoodles? Investigating their unique features, demeanor, their care needs, and how they’ve become a favorite among enthusiasts.


Ultra Bernedoodle is the result of generations of crossbreeding between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. Each breed is outstanding in its own right, earning its sole mention by name here. Although both breeds are popular, the Ultra Bernedoodle combines more with a different army line–the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Bred carefully, these dogs represent the finest principles of each parent breed and possess a remarkable Balance in size, appearance, and temperament. In recent years ultra bernedoodles became popular, attracting those who didn’t want the long hair of first-generation doodles but chose to add more Bernese characteristics in mixed breeds.

Ultra Bernedoodles & Ultra Australian Mountain Doodles are now brought to the Midwest by Stokeshire, and we’ve made it our business to be Premier Pet Breeders. Our mixed Bernese & Aussies bred to our multi-generation, Bowser gives us these wonderful Doodle crosses.

ultra bernedoodle size

Another prominent feature of the Bernedoodle Ultra is its size, typically closer to that of a Bernese mountain dog. Differences in size there may be, but they tend to fall in the medium or large class. Ultra Bernedoodles have broad chests, muscular frames, and stout bodies. They give the impression of being majestic.

Adding to their dashing appearance, they have a luxuriously full hair coat, gracefully wavy and sometimes curly in texture. Coat colors can be many, ranging through beautiful combinations of black, white, or brown and tri-color coat patterns.


Ultra Bernedoodles are a sweet and adorable mixture of their parents ‘Bernese and poodle heritage. They are renowned for their kind and amiable temperament, making them generally excellent family pets. They are very intelligent and good at learning so it is easy to train them.

While each Ultra BernedoodleWith has its own unique character, they are generally friendly and sociable individuals eager to please. These pups love contact with human beings, enjoying the company of their masters and making fast friends.


Ellery Because of their large size and high level of physical vigor, Bernedoodles Ultra need plenty of exercise to maintain both body and mind. They can be walked, run, and played with daily; playing in a safe environment will satisfy their exercise requirements. In addition, they should be conditioned to receive regular training sessions as part of their standard routine.

Bernedoodle Ultra have a sharp mind and are easy to train using positive reinforcement methods. But early socialization and constant training from an early age are the hallmarks of a good companion.


An Ultra Bernedoodle’s stunning coat requires frequent combing to stay healthy. Their dense fur, which is often wavy or curly must be brushed several times per week to prevent matting.

They require occasional professional grooming to maintain the health and beauty of their coat. According to the type of coat, it may also be necessary to trim or even shave on occasion. Also important is routine maintenance, including dental care, ear cleaning, and nail trimming.

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